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📅  I'm currently taking on new projects for late spring 🌷 and summer 🌞 2016.

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Let's build a website.

My favorite kind of project is highly collaborative and process-oriented: asking you questions to help articulate your audiences and goals; drawing out the stories behind your work; sketching out a structure and form that communicates effectively; and building you a website that is solid, reader-friendly, and easy to maintain.


Accessible Icon Project

In collaboration with Sara Hendren, redesigned the website of this widely-known design intervention, distilling it to a single page and foregrounding the project's story and manifesto.


Engineering at Home

A 6-month long collaboration with anthropologist Caitrin Lynch and designer Sara Hendren, of Olin College, to produce an interactive archive that frames their academic research for a broad internet readership.


Recess New York

Working from pre-existing mockups, developed a responsive website for Khairi Mdnor's multi-faceted cultural production practice. Implemented a backend that makes it easy to maintain events, projects, and mixtapes.


Multi Entry

Pair-programmed with ethnographer Christina Xu, walking her through setting up her own site to document research into China's creative culture. Answered questions and solved problems together as they arose.


OpenGov Foundation

For a D.C.-based non-profit, developed a Wordpress theme from a set of mockups. Collaborated with staff using Github.


Disorientation Reader

Adapted a 132 page print publication to web, building out a Jekyll-powered website, and enhancing many sections with interactivity.


School for Poetic Computation

Designed and developed the website for an independent art and technology school (where I also served as administrator). Built on Github and Jekyll, it's collaboratively maintained by faculty, staff, and students.


Marwa Helal

Designed and developed a website for New York-based writer Marwa Helal, migrating from Wordpress to Siteleaf, and extracting a backlog of content from PDFs.


Rodi Gallery

Designed and developed a website for a traveling art gallery in a retrofitted truck, featuring a map-based interface.


Tom Healy

Designed and developed a website for a writer and public speaker, featuring a custom taxonomy of writing.



Translated art direction into a Wordpress theme for Pool, an online arts journal.

Actually, let's do everything.

Though I do a lot of website building, I'm a generalist capable of working across disciplines to see a great project through almost anything.

Frontend Development

Fluent in HTML & CSS (also Sass and Less). Comfortable with Javascript, jQuery, and D3.js. Up to speed with techniques such as responsive design and a mobile-first approach. Proponent of collaborative, open-source, iterative, asynchronous development.

Design and Publishing

Eight years of experience designing and hand-coding websites, and well designing and producing many print periodicals, including magazines and newspapers, with Adobe InDesign. Negotiating, liasing, and proofing with offset and digital printers.

Editorial and Content

Writing: from microcopy for interfaces, to press releases, to longform essays for art journals. Editing. Copyediting.

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Capturing and editing video and photography. iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere. Livestream.

Familiar with many web-based content management systems including Wordpress, Squarespace, Kirby, and custom software. Deep understanding of social media including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Periscope. Mailchimp and newsletters. Nationbuilder and other CRM. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Tilt.

Organizing and Leadership

Systems thinking and analysis. Community organizing. Campaign strategy and mapping. Asking questions. Team building and management. Enthusiasm about teaching and learning. Press relations.

Administration and Management

Proficient in QuickBooks and Xero. Google Mail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar. Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Keynote. Slack, listservs, and online community forum moderation.

Organization: incorporation, legal compliance, budget, financial reporting and payroll. General Management: creating and documenting workflows, Logistics: leases, liase with accountants/lawyers, manage moves. Programming: managing an application process, event planning/execution.

Thanks for reading! Hope to work together.

Email casey@bullshit.systems