Starter Questions


Material questions


Who are you?

What things in the world resonate with you and why?

Most straightforward-ly, this could just be URLs of related websites that you like. Could also be: books you return to, an exhibition you think about a lot, an object, an image.

What are their specificities?


Audience questions


Who are your readers?

What ideas do you want them to take away from your site?

What is your reader feeling?

What’s happening next for them?


Strategy/Goals questions


What’s motivating or enabling you to do this project now?

How will you know we’ve succeeded?

What are you worried about?


Logistical questions


What kind of scope, timeline, and budget are we working with?

(Sometimes people come to me with very specific numbers and dates in mind, and other times we have to map out everything else first — either approach works.)


Adapted from, and with many thanks to, Nicely Said and Mule’s Client Screener.

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