I work primarily with clients in education and art; and I am especially interested in taking on projects involving large archives, academic research, accessibility, and open-source.

Recent Design & Development Work


American Ethnological Society

A modern site for the oldest anthropological organization in the United States, bringing together their quarterly journal, juried competitions, conferences, and online content.

Launched in 2017, we're continuing to improve the site with quarterly tune-ups.


Engineering at Home

Reframing academic research for a broad internet readership, this interactive archive draws upon the design of 1940's-60's pharmaceutical materials.

The project went on to be featured in an exhibition on the future of design at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.


Adaptation + Ability Group

The first in a three-site framework, a+a is home to the research of Olin College's lab on technology and the body. The site experiments with the aesthetics and functionality of accessible websites, integrating with other projects by director Sara Hendren.

Other Engagements:

Most projects come to fruition over the course of a 2-6 month design and development process, however I also offer a one-day prototype session to rapidly explore new strategies and generate a single-page site.

I'd love to help you build your web skills, too — whether that means learning to work with a new content management system or pair-programming so you can vault over the stumbling blocks as you code your own site.



Accessible Icon Project

In a 72-hour design sprint, rebuilt the website of this widely-known design intervention, distilling it to a single page and foregrounding the project's story and manifesto.



Multi Entry

Pair-programmed with ethnographer Christina Xu, helping set up a site documenting research into China's creative culture. Answered questions and solved problems together as they arose.

As someone with light technical skills, I wanted a website I felt comfortable tweaking on my own after launch, but I was also working on a deadline and overwhelmed by the number of technical choices I needed to make.

Pair programming with Casey turned out to be exactly what I needed. He quickly identified the perfect CMS for me based on my needs and skill level, handled the annoying parts of setup and deployment, and suggested solutions for problems I didn’t even know how to articulate. I walked away with a website in record time, as well as enough familiarity to roll my own sites in the future.

—Christina Xu, Ethnographer

Selected Projects


Sara Hendren

Carving new space for a portfolio of personal projects, while integrating with (and sharing the architecture of) a companion site dedicated to collaborative research and teaching. With design by Jarrett Fuller.


Susan Inglett Gallery + I.C. Editions

Built out custom-tailored content management for the 23 year program of exhibitions and editions at this New York gallery, helping improve presentation and consistency.


Brian Funck

A simple portfolio for documentary editor Brian Funck. The site also accommodates his original music work.


School for Poetic Computation

Designed and developed the website for an independent art and technology school (where I also served as administrator). Built on tools common to the organization, it continues to be maintained collaboratively by's faculty, staff, and students.


Marwa Helal

A website for writer Marwa Helal. Migrated existing content from Wordpress to Siteleaf, extracted a backlog of content from PDFs, and integrated photography work.


Tom Healy

A website for writer and public speaker Tom Healy, featuring a custom taxonomy of writing, by: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.


20x200, American Ethnological Society, Andrew Badr, Atavist Books, Benjamin Degen, Brian Funck, Caitrin Lynch, Christina Xu, Etsy, Eyebeam, Girl Walk//All Day, Hope Gangloff, Jennifer Brook, Marwa Helal, Olin College, OpenNews Source, Pooool, Rodi Gallery, Sara Hendren, School for Poetic Computation, Susan Inglett Gallery, Tom Healy

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